Thanks police, honest youth

To the Editor:

On May 9 my husband woke up to something that would make anyone sick to the bottom of their stomachs: his car with all the doors and trunk open. Our car had been broken into.

In the trunk of our car was sparring equipment for our martial arts training. Nothing else was taken, but the gear being gone really made us sick, as it is expensive to replace.

We called the Ridgecrest Police Department, and Officer Groves responded. He looked at the car, and when we told him what was taken out of the car, he decided to go for a walk. Since it was trash day and all of our trashcans were out, he went above and beyond and even searched the trashcans along our street.

As the time passed, it was discovered my whole area was hit. Officer Groves did recover a duffle bag with prescription meds in it, but it was not mine. Oh, darn.

Throughout the day, I did what needed to be done: called my insurance company, contacted Novascone’s ATA to begin the process to get a quote for new gear and any receipts for already purchased gear, all that fun stuff. After work, I went to Novascone’s ATA to begin purchasing gear for my little one, since his bag was one of the bags stolen out of the car.

While we were purchasing the new gear, a young man came in and had in his hands my son’s sparring gear bag! I was overjoyed!

I wish I could have given him more, but I did give him a “finder’s fee” for returning the bag to the right place. I wanted him to know that honesty and integrity do have their rewards. What a great job his parents are doing!

I contacted the Ridgecrest Police Department to give them the good news! I should have paid attention to who it was who answered the phone, but he was aware of my case and was very happy to hear that things were working out. However, I did not have the foresight to get the name and address of the young man who returned my son’s gear.

If I do not find you sooner, the officer I talked to on the phone would like to follow up with this recent string of car break-ins in our neighborhood. If you could call the Ridgecrest Police Department to give them your name and address, it could go far in their investigation.

I would like to thank Officer Groves, the Ridgecrest Police Department, and the family who returned my son’s gear for turning a terrible day into a most excellent one!

Christina Witt

Story First Published: 2013-05-15