A message of gratitude

To the Editor;

All of us at High Desert Haven, residents and staff alike, are thankful and grateful to have known Susan Holly for the last 15 years or so.

Susan and Bob Holly have been a permanent presence to our residents. Come rain or shine, every Sunday morning, Susan and Bob would set up the Activity Room for the Salvation Army Church Service.

Susan would ask the staff who should be on her prayer list. So we would tell her which resident had gone to hospital, who had come back, and all those other things the other residents would be concerned about.

Susan would then start “finding” all the people who would regularly attend the service.

Things would not end there. After the service, Bob would help residents with their computers or other things he was good at to assist them.

During the week Susan would visit residents who were in the hospital or had moved to a nursing home — sometimes to Lancaster. Any resident who would like someone to come and visit could call her at any time.

The English language has hardly enough words to express our gratitude for all Susan and Bob have done for our residents over the years. They were a pillar to our facility. They have been our most faithful and dedicated volunteers.

Thank you, Susan, for all you have done for us. I am sure you are watching all this from Up There, and starting to sing one of your favorite hymns.

The residents and staff of High Desert Haven

Story First Published: 2013-05-08