Dismayed by disruption of council

To the Editor:

Mr Mayor,

I was dismayed to watch the webcast of the budget meeting Saturday and see that the Burroughs Swim Team coach was allowed to walk in, interrupt the meeting and speak on an item that had not even come up in the order of discussion yet.

In addition, he was allowed to bring in a whole crowd of inappropriately dressed young people to the chambers. To all appearances, all of the sudden the Burroughs High School became the owner and decider of business at council meetings.

I ask: When would I have been allowed to come in, completely out of order, and speak my mind, just because I happened to be close to the chambers and it was convenient for me?

When would I have been allowed to come in dressed in only my swim suit? I will state that without question, I would most certainly be escorted out by the police chief, pronto.

So why was that was allowed on the Swim Team coach’s part that day? What gives the team special privilege?

Why do they not have to wait their turn in the proper order of things like the rest of us, even former councilmen?

I protest this action on the part of the meeting’s chairman. Order should have been preserved. Decorum should have been maintained. The whole episode was entirely out of line.

This city has a reasonable method of conducting its business during council meetings. Robert’s Rules of Order need to have some adherence held to, otherwise a meeting will be a free-for-all of chaos. I trust this kind of out-of-order interruption of city business will be held in check in the future.

Mike Neel

Story First Published: 2013-05-01