’Geek the Library’ campaign under way

By MARSHA LLOYD, Ridgecrest Branch Librarian

’Geek the Library’ campaign under wayDuring the recent National Library Week, the Ridgecrest Branch Library launched a yearlong, national “Geek the Library” campaign that will run through this year.

Everyone has something they are passionate about – something they ‘geek.’ Maybe you geek baseball or hip-hop, horses or quilting, gardening or barbequing, classic movies or volunteering. Whatever you geek, serious or fun, the public library supports you.

The public library inspires and empowers. With Internet access, knowledgeable librarians and library workers, local programs and meeting spaces, it is an important resource in the community. And for millions of Americans, it is their only access to essential resources they need to improve their lives. For many libraries are not a luxury, they are a necessity.

The problem is, public libraries are struggling. Many libraries are cutting staff, programs and hours, and some are even closing their doors. And even though usage is strong and increasing, funding is not sufficient in many cities and counties to meet the needs. Please share whatever you geek. Share what your library does for you and your community. And spread the word that your public library needs everyone’s support. Get your geek on. Show your support.

Visit www.Geekthelibrary.org for more information. Find the national campaign on Facebook and Twitter at geekthelibrary! This campaign is sponsored by OCLC, a nonprofit library cooperative, with funding by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Story First Published: 2013-04-24