Lower speed limit, speed bumps now at front gate

CHINA?LAKE – People using the main gate to enter or depart from the Naval Air Weapons Station at China Lake will have to slow down to 10 miles per hour as they drive over new speed bumps placed directly in front of the active barriers just east of the main gate.

The speed limit was lowered and the speed bumps installed to protect people entering or exiting the base at a time when the security barriers are activated because of a gate runner or some other security issue.

According to NAWS Commanding Officer Capt. Dennis Lazar, serious injury, even loss of life, could occur to someone traveling 35 miles per hour who might not be able to stop with activation of the barriers.

“We have to use these barriers,” said Lazar, “but they cause us great concern. We do not want to injure anyone. I need people to slow down when approaching these no-nonsense devices.”

The lower speed limit, along with the speed bumps, is geared to help people do just that – slow down when approaching the barriers.

Story First Published: 2013-04-17