Implores smokers to stop

To the Editor;

Three Ridgecrest Rector sisters, Carole Poppen, Marie Fisher and Judy Cajkouski lost their brother, Bobby Rector, who lived most of his adult life in Las Vegas, to lung cancer last week. He was 73 years old, and a life-long smoker.

The last year or so of his life was spent trying to fight the cancer that had invaded his lungs. He was not successful.

I quit smoking in 1969 at about age 37, after having smoked for many years. Back then, John Wayne, the Marlboro man and their ilk touted the manliness of smoking so that’s my lame excuse for smoking. I hope I quit soon enough, but I’m not convinced.

It makes me sad to drive into a fast food or grocery parking lot, only to see several young adults sitting there on break shortening their lives “having another smoke.” The difference, it seems to me, is that they have to know what it is doing to their lungs and their lives.

Society has tried to make it more difficult, more expensive and more antisocial to smoke. I believe that has had some effect on smoking. But it appears to not be enough.

Any parents out there who are in a position to help your child either quit smoking or not start — I implore you, do that.

Rest in peace, Bobby.

Gale Poppen

Story First Published: 2013-04-10