Wildflower festival includes art exhibition

Linda Saholt

News Review Correspondent

Wildflower festival includes art exhibitionThere will be an abundance of artwork to see during the Ridgecrest Desert Wildflower Festival, April 12-14. Come on over to the Kerr McGee Center, on Saturday, April 13, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday, April 14, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and see what local artists have been working on just for you.

The main room will be full of talented artists and craftspeople. As you circle the room enjoying all the tempting creations, check out the large booth for the 4D Art Group. Multiple artists will showcase their work.

Six well-known 4D artists will be there — Marcy Holbrook, Paula Caudill, Debbie Benson, Jerry Bradley, Andrea Pelch and Kathy Fields. The art on display will include sculpture, glass creations, jewelry, pottery and Corian and wood sculpture. The group will accept checks and major credit cards.

Most of these artists recently attended a metal fold-forming workshop together. The artists said they not only came home with a greater knowledge of working with metals like copper, but also returned with an increased outpouring of creative energy that inspired the rest of the group.

“The energy was really great,” said Paula Caudill. “We were really hungry for that knowledge, and we just slurped it up. In the hands of already-accomplished artists, the new techniques fueled some remarkable results. The instructor was really impressed with us. Even though the workshop was working with metal, you’ll see the results in all our work — the shapes, the feeling, the techniques.”

“For all of us who are addicted to fire in some form, the workshop just fed into our addictions,” said Debbie Benson. “It was three days of hammering and fire.”

Each artist has a unique style, making for a pleasing variety in the works that will be shown.

Caudill, a potter and jewelry maker, will have more sculptural pieces on display than in earlier shows. Her copper jewelry will highlight her latest techniques.

Holbrook does raku-fired pottery. “I want my clay pieces to tell a story. The thing is you write the story,” said Holbrook. “I give you the characters — the friendly cats, the stalwart lion and attentive chickens — even some flower vases that wave and say hello. What’s up with them? What are they saying?

“I’m trying out new things and even have a few architectural pieces in this show. One I call the ‘Plant Shrine’ is a roofed building that will protect your plant from the sun while allowing rays in to nourish it.”

Bradley has some new metal-based pieces, along with his popular Corian quails and roadrunners and satiny wood bowls. Check out his vase made from many pieces of quarter-inch copper tubing, with a lovely turquoise patina, wood edge and base.

Fields, a potter, said she will show ceramic platters and sculptural pieces, as well as yard-art items and tubular forms. “I’m having fun experimenting,” she said. “The colors will be fun. I’m doing extrusions and architectural pieces — lots of new techniques.”

Pelch will have exuberant fused glass pieces, wall pockets and hanging pockets to put flowers in, plates and bowls in festive colors and a few sculptural pieces.

Benson will have fire-cloud pottery accented with desert wood and beads, plus some new glazed functional pieces.

The 4D Art Group is a sharing group intended for those who do dimensional art, to discuss and learn from one another and share ideas and encouragement. For more information about the 4D Art Group, contact Caudill at pmcaudill@hotmail.com.

Story First Published: 2013-04-10