Dollar General Store coming in at Norma, Drummond

Linda Saholt

News Review Correspondent

That construction you may have been wondering about at the corner of Drummond Avenue and Norma Street will be a 3,600-square-foot Dollar General Store. The footings were poured last week.

According to the plans on file at the Ridgecrest Planning Depart-ment, the parking lot will face Norma Street, and the store itself will face Drummond Avenue, close to the Dentist House.

The address of the new store, “store number 14,155” in the records, will be 500 W. Drummond Ave.

Dollar General, traded on the New York Stock Exchange as ‘DG,” is a nationwide chain, headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tenn., and founded in 1939. As of March 2012, the chain boasted more than 10,000 locations and a total of 90,000 employees, with an annual net income of $766.7 million.

Although Dollar General started as a store with everything priced at $1 or less, it is now a discount variety store that offers both name brand and generic merchandise up to the range of $50 or $60. It has been the exclusive distributor for Rexall products since 2010.

According to Dorene Morgan at City Hall, Dollar General is a retail store “like a mini-Walmart.” She said a friend who shops at a Dollar General characterized it as “a store with very low prices and awesome coupons.”

To check out the coupons, go to

The company is building a distribution center in Kern County, which is why a store is being built here, as well as several being built in Bakersfield.

“It will go up quickly,” said Morgan. “It’s a metal building, and they plan to build it in 96 days.”

According to the plans, the store will have low-water-use landscaping, with trees and ground-covering plants.

Story First Published: 2013-04-10