Questions public school curriculum

To the Editor:

Calling all parents who have children in the public schools. Your children have no basic understanding of reading, writing, or math, but are now being taught under the “Common Core Curriculum.” You should ask the educators what “instructional materials” they are educating your children with. You will not be able to get an answer if they have signed an eight-page nondisclosure form.

They are being asked to design a new flag for America, to climb a ladder of success from capitalism to socialism to communism (the ultimate goal). They will be teaching religion of which they know nothing and will be taught to read the Koran. If you have a computer please search “Common Core Curriculum.”

Do not let the educators or principal of the school talk down to you. If you truly care about your children, don’t give them to the state.

As for Mr. Howard’s dilemma, what the city is doing is absolutely against the Constitution of the United States of America. The city is instituting UN Agenda 21. This can and will happen to anyone of us.

Patricia Connors

Story First Published: 2013-04-03