Vet speaks out on gun control

To the Editor:

The issue of gun control is probably one of the simplest issues we have in this country today. But, due to the political games involved, it has seemingly become one of the most complex. Ask Senator Feinstein. She said she has seen people shot, and dead, and young people murdered. She has said she is educated and is not in the sixth grade any more.

Well, I think it’s great that she’s been to school. However, going to school and getting the paperwork indicating degreed levels of education is like leading a horse to water. As far as the other is concerned, I am a Vietnam veteran and have seen and been a part of shot and dead people, including young ones. I will tell you that is the hurtful, emotional side of things. But, that’s not the reasonable side.

The Second Amendment was not made to be a part of our national Constitution just so people could go out and shoot something for supper. Nor was it put in there so people could go out and shoot at targets for practice. The only reason the Second Amendment is in our Constitution is to act as a check upon government itself, including Army, Navy and associated endeavors. It was set aside and apart from those activities for a purpose. It was made so, in order that the people, to regain illicitly usurped sovereignty, would not be reduced to throwing rocks at tanks, so to speak. Historically, similar has happened.

In thinking about this issue, I think of driving an automobile and what is involved and required with that. There are driver education programs. There should be arms education programs. There are the requirements of passing a written test, as well as a functional test. Those should be associated with arms, also. Along with those things there is the requirement of a background check to ensure whether one is legally able to drive or not. The same should be with arms. To keep arms, or restrict those arms’ capabilities, from the people overall is not a Constitutional way of dealing with this seemingly hot potato.

You see, regardless of how many laws have been, are, or will be passed, there is no amount of legislation that will or can remove the human element from the mix. That’s just the truth.

To legislators I will say this: you all are not there to satisfy political fancies. You all are there to perform the People’s business. Why is it you can’t? Just do it.

Ronald W. Jinks

Story First Published: 2013-04-03