What is VA doing to fix backlogs, wait times?


Congressman Kevin McCarthy (CA-23), on March 20, gave the following remarks at the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs Committee Hearing on backlogs at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA):

What specific steps and time frame is the VA going to take to correct the problems that the GAO found?

That data shows that under this work, your productivity is down, the performance is not there, and that goes to the core of leadership. If you are to correct this overall problem, it’s going to take the leadership to make it happen. The turnover rate is too high; the process takes too long. The correction to the problem? I think you’re avoiding many of the answers to make it all happen. I think that it takes from the leadership down to make sure this gets corrected.

This is not a partisan issue, and this is not something that this committee will wait to have happen. I have seen these numbers before, and it should never take another investigation from Congress to find these problems, and we will not sit back to have them corrected.

Story First Published: 2013-03-27