Parenting course starts April 5

Ann Cousineau

Crossroads Community Church will host a parenting seminar on Saturday, April 6, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.; lunch and child care will be provided. Guest speakers, including past and present school district employees, local homeschooling parents, charter school staff and other family service professionals, will offer expertise in all phases of a child’s life.

“The need for this seminar is obvious to us and it demands attention,” said Pastor Bill Corley. “The symptoms of ill-equipped parents are currently evident in our society.”

Corley believes that in many cases, previous generations of parents, especially those in the 1960s, did not have adequate parenting tools to provide for the needs of their children, who are today’s parents. Parenting started to break down as far back as in the 1940s and 50’s when Dr. Spock’s book changed the way people think of parenting, he said.

“Not all parents of today had strong models and tools to help them parent their children,” he said. “Blended families, grandparents and other adults who are actively involved in children’s lives are welcome at the seminar.”

According to Corley, the typical family is no longer represented by ‘Father Knows Best,” which was so familiar in 1954-1963. The family is now more commonly depicted by a “Homer Simpson” way of life. Homer debuted as the cartoon bluecollar dad of Bart in 1989.

A brief Internet search will reveal differences between these two dads.“We are in a moral battle for our children. The world is pressing in on our families. Today, 14.5 is considered the average age of maturity [ability to be functioning independent adults] worldwide; in the U.S., 28.5 is the average of age of maturity. God gives us tools for parenting; and He sets examples of a mature worldview. God sets boundaries and expectations in the Bible,” Corley said. Controversial social issues and values clarification will also be topics of seminar talks, along with how to evaluate school options, select teachers, and get involved in children’s education/schools.

“Parents really need tools and support to raise effective, functioning, independent, mature adults,” added Dionne Salmonds, discipleship pastor.

Practical tools and ideas to take home and practice will abound at the upcoming seminar. Parents will learn about age-appropriate responsibilities and privileges for children, how to set goals and how to make pragmatic plans. They will also receive checklists to improve parenting skills. “Measure the Strength of Your Child’s Conscience” and “Responsibilities and Privileges” are among the take-home handouts parents will find at the seminar.

Additionally, there will be break-out sessions for parents to ask questions and pursue information specific to various age groups, including 0 to 2 years old, 2 to school age, and teens.

For more information or to RSVP, please call 760-384-3333. Crossroads Community Church is located at 235 N. China Lake Blvd.

Story First Published: 2013-03-27