Mojave Pistachios looks out for wildlife

To the Editor:

Mojave Pistachios has been working with Kerncrest Audubon to install several artificial burrows for burrowing owls near their many new pistachio orchards.

The recent flurry of land clearing has both displaced some owl burrows and made possible a new food source for native animals. Burrowing owls adapt to artificial burrows quite readily and will be happy to eat insects that are drawn to the new orchards.

The first part of the orchard planting is to grow a grass-type ground cover before the trees are put in. Both scenarios attract insects that are a great food source. This kind of help is mutually beneficial for both owls and farmers.

Burrowing owls are in steep decline because of housing developments and conversion of native land to agriculture. We are very appreciative of the care that Mojave Pistachios has taken when clearing desert land to look out for owls, tortoises and other animals.

We thank Elaine and Larry Mead, and Chuck Griffin and his great crew for working so eagerly with us. Also, our thanks to you for buying supplies and then installing the boxes after our joint research into what design and supplies work.

Terri Middlemiss

Story First Published: 2013-03-20