Roadwork makes rush hour, slow hour

To the Editor:

I think it is a great idea that the city of Ridgecrest is getting some much- needed road renovations. It had been a while since we had seen any work done on our roads. It is a good sign that our tax money is being used for something that most everybody will benefit from. There are, however, many inconveniences that I am sure the residents of Ridgecrest have noticed.

While it is a good thing that the roads are being fixed, I’m sure many people have also noticed that it is taking them longer to get to their destinations. There is usually just one lane open, and it creates a hassle, especially during the lunch hours. On other occasions traffic lights have been turned to where only one car can go at a time. That has created a major hassle for many drivers.

There have been several occasions when it has taken me almost 20 minutes to get from my workplace to my house, usually a 5-7 minute drive. Then you also have the drivers who are trying to switch lanes before their lane closes. Sometimes they do not notice until it is very close and they almost cause an accident. There has been a time when I have had to take detours that take just as long; I am sure I have not been the only one who has had to do that.

I am very grateful that our roads are getting fixed, but I think it would be better to do the work when fewer people are getting to and from work. The weekends would probably be a better time for this job. If possible, another solution would be clearing the roads during the time when people are coming to and from lunch; which is around 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. This roadwork has caused hassles for many and while I am very happy and excited, I cannot help but think that maybe there should be another time when this job can be done.

Maria Mondragon

Story First Published: 2013-03-13