Open letter to elected politicians

Each of you enjoys the privilege of office at the good will of the people of the nation. We brought you into office to administer the public good and protect the weak.

Sequestration represents your spectacular failure to rule on our behalf. Since December 2012, when the last possible budget was defeated, both parties have done nothing but bicker, using the media as a forum for casting blame. You have made yourselves ridiculous.

Partisan politics is ruining this country just like unions are ruining business: self-interest is bleeding both dry. I’m ashamed of you. Could you not have been more courageous, more ingenious, more selfless, given what was at stake?

Come election time, I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what party you are, if you’re in office now, I’m not voting for you. You don’t deserve it.

Laura Leigh Monterey

Story First Published: 2013-03-06