Cuts are going to hurt our valley

To the Editor:

What a disappointment Rep. McCarthy has been. When the “fiscal cliff” hit in December he voted against it. If McCarthy had had his way, myself, my friends and neighbors, and most of the people in Ridgecrest would have seen their taxes raised. This would have been a huge hit to our economy and the nation’s economy. But apparently Rep. McCarthy doesn’t care about the economic condition of either our community or the country.

Since McCarthy is part of the Republican leadership, he must be involved in the Republicans’ decision to not make a deal with the president to stop the sequester. All during the presidential campaign Romney and the Republicans talked about reforming the tax code by getting rid of tax breaks. Suddenly, when Obama proposed that same thing, it became something the Republicans wouldn’t touch. They say Obama got tax cuts with the “fiscal cliff” so we Republicans won’t give an inch on tax reform. Personally I would love to see tax reform because it infuriates me to see my tax money going to oil companies that are making billions of profit year after year.

Today we have seen the deadline pass for the sequester. Now the terrible cuts to defense and other government programs go into effect. I’ve seen, in this newspaper, letters from people saying we can take a cut of 2.4 percent to our federal budget with no problem. What people do not understand is that you have to subtract Social Security out of the budget before you figure the percentage, because Social Security was not included in the cuts. Thus, you now have cuts of about 8 percent for defense and 5 percent for other programs. However, since almost half the fiscal year has passed those cuts will now be about 13 percent for defense and about 8 percent for other programs.

As for the situation here in our valley, this is going to really hurt our economy. The Navy will start furloughing people right away. I thought that McCarthy would be on the side of the Defense Department and this community, which he is supposed to represent. However, he has not shown that he is giving us the representation that we need. It appears that he is part of the extreme right of the Republican Party, which is gleefully talking about how great it is that government expenditures will be cut.

Sadly, these cuts are right across the board. These are not the kind of cuts we need to rid the budget of wasteful programs that should be done away with. Those programs will still be with us. The cuts will hurt the economy of the whole nation and we’d better pray that it doesn’t send us into a deep recession like what happened in Europe when they made deep cut to their economy.

Mary L. Adler

Story First Published: 2013-03-06