Hospital launches ’Life Lessons’ seminars

Ann Cousineau

Hospital launches ’Life Lessons’ seminars“Life Lessons” became more than a catchy title for a seminar series on Jan. 31, when 35 people gathered at Ridgecrest Regional Hospital’s Achievement Hall.

“People loved the speakers, and the turnout for the first event was very encouraging. We hope to have these every other month,” said Margarita Crane, outreach, occupational health manager at RRH.

Mental health was the topic of the first seminar, titled, “There is No Health Without Mental Health.”

Speakers for the event were Dr. Kevin Seymour, clinical and organizational psychologist; Dianne Braithwaite, licensed marriage family therapist; and Shawn Kelly, founder and president of the Hope Recovery Center.

Each speaker opened a 30-minute presentation with thought-provoking questions.

Seymour’s questions included: “What is mental health? What does good mental health look like? What does mental health mean?”

Braithwaite addressed, “How does a parent know when their child needs help?”

Kelly asked, “Has anybody felt truly hopelessness and alone? Does anyone have hurts, habits or addictions? What do you do? Where do you go?”

All three speakers addressed the answers to the questions frankly and offered suggestions to consider when faced with possible mental illness issues.

Materials available to seminar participants included “Getting Help,” a resource guide for coping with mental-health problems in the Ridgecrest area of East Kern County.

The guide is a publication of the Ridgecrest Rural Health Clinic, a service of Ridgecrest Regional Hospital.

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“Health and well-being are an ongoing journey.

“In our efforts to promote prevention and early detection, Ridgecrest Regional Hospital wants to provide ongoing lessons and health education to help people stay the course.

“Our goal is to help people manage their own health by promoting what this community has to offer in a positive and meaningful manner,” said Crane.

Story First Published: 2013-02-20