Calls mayor’s action inexplicable

To the Editor:

In January the new mayor sent a letter reminding the committee [Measure L] that they serve at the will of the city council (true) and, that they must be reappointed each time their sponsoring councilmember is elected (also true).

However, the letter seems to have been composed solely by the mayor with subsequent acknowledgement by the acting city manager. This is very strange in that the elected mayor has no executive powers and cannot legally speak for the council without a vote.

Such action is inexplicable!

I attended the committee meeting Monday, Feb. 11, and came away very disappointed. I fully expected that the mayor would show up with some sort of explanation, especially since the committee would be finalizing a rebuttal to his letter.

I was not disappointed with the resolve shown by the committee members in amending the rebuttal to the mayor’s letter. It was evident that all members wanted to hear from the mayor himself.

The Measure L Committee very clearly wants to carry out the will of the people of Ridgecrest. The measure would not have passed without that mandate.

There will be extra work required by the staff, and I believe that I heard an agreement that it could be done.

The committee has already done a lot of work, and much remains to be done.

Phillip “P.J.” Smith

Story First Published: 2013-02-20