Chamber urges letter-writing campaign

Recognizing the concern throughout the Ridgecrest community about the possibility of defense budget cuts caused by the possible sequestration plan, the Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce is spearheading a letter-writing campaign to let our elected officials in Washington know our feelings.

“We’ve all heard the rumors and we’ve all read the stories about the federal budget and the possibility of sequestration, which would have a huge impact on our community.

“As we all know, the defense industry is the lifeblood of Ridgecrest, and if any of the possible cuts come to pass, it will affect all of us,” said Chamber President/CEO Nathan Ahle.

“Any possible furloughs or cutbacks could really hurt families, businesses, and the community as a whole.”

The Chamber’s Political Action Committee Chair, Eric Bruen, will hand-deliver the letters in Wash-ington the week of Feb. 25, which is right before the sequestration deadline.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to have your letter personally presented to the legislators and their staff, so we encourage you to tell your friends and neighbors,” Ahle said.

He encourages residents, business owners, and anyone concerned to either write their own letter or modify one of the chamber’s sample letters to fit their personal feelings on the matter.

“Keep the letters short, to the point and respectful — we want them to have as much impact as possible,” Ahle said.

Sample letters are available on the chamber’s website at and in the chamber office.

Letters must be signed and delivered to the chamber office at 128 E. California Ave., Suite B, or to Desert Valleys Federal Credit Union, 100 E. Ward Ave. no later than Friday, Feb. 22.

The chamber office is typically closed on Fridays but will be open from 9 a.m. to noon on Feb. 22 to accommodate any letters.

Story First Published: 2013-02-20