Five arrested during alcohol-sale op

Three arrests for buying and furnishing alcohol for minors were made in the process of two police operations that visited six businesses in Ridgecrest during January.

The Ridgecrest Police Department conducted two operations in conjunction with the California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC), which, through its Grant Assistance Program, funded the operations.

In an RPD press release, Detective Nathan Lloyd said that two “shoulder tap operations” were conducted using decoy minors. The shoulder tap is a common method used by persons under age 21 to solicit a person to purchase and furnish them with alcoholic beverages.

“During the operations, three persons at different locations were arrested for buying and furnishing alcohol to the minor decoy. The subjects were arrested and released on citation pending criminal action with the District Attorney’s Office. Also during the operations, a subject was arrested for being in possession of narcotics and a second subject was arrested for a DUI warrant,” Lloyd reported

Lloyd suggests that you feel free to call him regarding questions or concerns pertaining to underage drinking or minors being in possession of alcohol. You can reach him at 760-499-5112.

Story First Published: 2013-02-13