Jenkins shares thoughts

To the Editor:

My thoughts, beliefs, and philosophies on the 2012 election year by Pastor Randy Jenkins as an expression of free speech:

God has the rivers in His hands — my times are in His hands — my destiny is in His power and determination. When all is said and done, Jesus still rules over the affairs of mankind and nothing can alter His purposes. I stand unmoved. I have long felt an obligation of gratitude for those who have voted for me and for a cause that somehow we share that perhaps cannot be expressed in words and somehow marches on. So I say to you, thank you, march on, dear friends — for light cannot be darkened nor truth extinguished. Change will ultimately come not today perhaps, or even tomorrow — but I see another day on the horizon. Storm clouds are looming ever so close to our town and our nation. For me, as an individual, Jesus is the answer, the Bible is the map of life and the American Constitution the mandate for political freedom. If we take these things to heart, alacrity of thought and understanding will follow.

The right to vote is a precious part of our freedom — an expression of liberty, a sovereign choice when held by the common man, which tyrants have never understood, but certainly feared — oppression is found in its absence and destruction in its wake when removed. There can be no compromise with evil; to do so is to acquiesce to all its ills.

Evil may come by activity or evil may come by inactivity — the cry of underhanded tactics or falsehood has long been to cover the facts of a matter, but, “that which is made manifest is light.”

Perhaps we need not fear the shadows of yesterday as far as their having passed, but must nevertheless take cognizance of what future generational results may occur with their passing. The people who neglect this may yet live to see it. I dare say wars have been fought over phantoms of the past, but howsoever we face our fears, whether we fight or not, inevitably the scheme of things is such that time flows on to its appointed culmination of what will be, of what shall be, of what must be. In the present winter cold, truth warms me, for it surpasses our present state of affairs — the knowledge of God gladdens my heart — the hope derived from Christmas and Easter is endless. The angelic faces of children are as a glimpse of Heaven.

The pathos, the anguish, the misery and suffering of others in a sad world draws one’s soul to help, for as Jesus said, “Whatsoever you would have others do unto you, do you even so unto them, for this is the law and the prophets.”

Pastor Randy Jenkins

Story First Published: 2013-02-13