Says already paid his dues

To the Editor:

There are a lot of our younger people today who have been informed, mistakenly, that older folks who receive, or are going to receive, Social Security payments and/or VA compensation, are somehow the cause, or the largest part, of the economic problems they, in particular, and this country are having to face today. That is not the truth.

The overwhelming majority of us older folks have paid into Social Security for decades. Therefore, any payments we receive or will receive, either for retirement or disability, we have already paid for. Furthermore, those of us who can establish we are veterans of our military, and can establish service-connected disabilities, can and should receive just compensation therefore. We earned it…we already earned it.

In addition, we older folks have earned and/or paid for the right to enjoy the rest of what is left of our lives whenever, wherever, and/or however we choose, as long as it offers no true harm to others. Whether you agree with that or not is of little consequence. You don’t have to agree with it, you should just respect it because it’s already been earned and/or paid for (sometimes in more ways than just money).

I can understand the misgivings our younger people have, which are based upon lies and/or misinformation. However, our younger people should never look upon our older folks (me included) as even part of the problem. They should look toward Washington, D.C. If those in Washington are using the money for other things, then, they are not worthy of that ‘public trust,’ and are guilty of defrauding the people of the United States which is even a criminal act under the United States Code.

Personally, I believe I can establish I’ve paid into Social Security for a few decades. So,any payment I may or might receive…I’ve already paid for.

I believe I can establish I am a veteran of the United States Army, having served in Vietnam (1970-71), receiving while there an Individual Cross of Gallantry from the South Republic of Vietnam. Also, I have served in Germany and a few places here in the United States. So, if I may or might receive compensation for disabilities connected to that service, it was earned…I already earned it. (Again, in more ways than just money.)

If you are an older person, as I am, and one or more of our younger people get in your face telling you that you are the problem, or even part thereof, consider he/she/they are either misinformed or are just plain stupid.

Ronald W. Jinks

Story First Published: 2013-01-23