Branches of gov. should be separate

To the Editor:

It is a sad thing to have to think of where our government has brought itself to be. That which is happening in Washington, D.C., is absolutely embarrassing and endangering. Whenever the needs and/or will of a party supersede the needs and/or will of the people, it is time to rethink the whole thing.

George Washington even warned us about the will of the party over the will of the people (Farewell address, 1796). Yet here we are. And when was the Constitution of the U.S. amended to allow the president (being the head of the Executive Branch) to have any kind of legislative powers, whatsoever… event with a signature?

It is a shame that we — and I’m not excluding me — have allowed our government to get to the point it’s at. Whenever people and profit are brought together, they butt heads every time. Government cannot be run like a business, and business cannot be run like a government. Historically that has been the truth. The primary reason being that those two goals are opposed, and that is because of the human element that is involved.

The primary role of government is its people, while the primary role of business is profit. There is no getting around that one regardless how much you try. Our responsibility is to see to it that those two are not mixed, and we have not met that responsibility.

You know, I’ll be around somewhere until the Father decides I’m done, and then I’ll be out of here. But your children, and their children need to know that what our founding fathers established, a representative republic, is worth having, not what’s happening now (not a democracy.)

For that, to you, to them, to theirs… I, for one (sometimes I think I’m the only one) am sorry.

P.S.: The truth, regardless of what you think of me.

Ronald W. Jinks

Story First Published: 2013-01-16