More thoughts on gun control

To the Editor:

The tragedy in Newtown, Conn., is a precious opportunity for this country to search its soul and find unity. The slaughter of children affects us all because the children of Newtown are our children. We may never know the motive of the shooter, and, even if we did, would it make sense or help the grieving? What we do know is that he had ready access to semi-automatic weapons.

The issue of guns in America is a multi-faceted problem, handled differently state by state. However, I could live happily with a ban on assault weapons. In fact, I could be content knowing that guns were restricted to a few well-trained public safety groups.

However, this leaves another strand of the problem loose, and that is the issue of access to mental-health care in this country and of identifying and helping those who could become dangerous to themselves and others. The right to bear arms and the opportunity to seek psychological help rest on the rights and wishes of the individual in our society. Perhaps this is one problem that could use less individuality (for the sake of safety) and more unity.

Sarah A. Wersan

Story First Published: 2013-01-02