‘The Good Ole Days’

To the Editor:

When I was a kid in Nebraska (1940-1950), every farmhouse I ever visited usually had a shotgun and a rifle near the front door. It was just as much a “tool” as a plow.

Nobody had to put a lock on them and most were loaded, or at least the magazine was. We were taught at an early age to never touch them, and at the proper time Grandpa or our dad allowed us to shoot them. I remember I never wanted to shoot the shotgun again as the recoil was severe.

I do not remember any child shooting anybody except in a hunting accident now and then. It was simple respect, and punishment, that kept us from doing something stupid.

The “New Age” is a different story. Movies, as well as video games, constantly show somebody shooting somebody, and usually with an automatic weapon. I feel strongly that you cannot saturate a child’s mind with these inputs without having them somewhat tolerant of killing, since it is only a game, and second of all, there is no punishment involved like there was in my generation for misuse of a weapon.

Hollywood and video manufacturers surely have their place in the “Blame Game.” Recent Hollywood history reflects total misuse of guns and making millions of dollars doing so. Would one dare mention the word “censorship” in regard to a possible connection between movie, or video, violence and a mentally disturbed youth going berserk? I doubt it, no matter what research may indicate.

The gun will always be first on the blame list because most liberals do not use them, like them, nor want us to own them. It is quite simple and blatantly visible. As far back as I can remember, the liberal is usually a “taker” and not a “giver.” If the object is on their side of the political fence it is untouchable, and if it is on my side of the fence it is fair game. Have you tried to buy any ammunition this past week?

Tom Dunn

Story First Published: 2013-01-02