Museum inadvertently evicts roadrunner

Elizabeth Babcock

Museum inadvertently evicts roadrunnerOver at the Maturango Museum, staff and volunteers are rejoicing that the new window panes in its expanded spaces have been installed — just in time to keep cold winds from blowing sand into the new spaces.

For one habitué of the museum, however, that change is not good. During the months the addition has been under construction, a roadrunner has apparently been enjoying some palatial new quarters.

Ever since the windows were installed last Wednesday, the perplexed roadrunner has been spending major portions of its day visiting and revisiting every newly blocked opening to the addition. Sympathetic staffmembers are hoping he’ll soon discover another sheltered spot on the museum grounds.

Mr. Roadrunner is not the only one anxious to get into the expanded museum. Under the impression that a newly expanded museum store would be open long before Christmas, Store Manager Mary Lattig had ordered a cornucopia of holiday gifts.

As a result festive decorations, T-shirts, stuffed toys and much more are stuffing every available space in the current store — a treasure trove for last-minute holiday gifts.

Story First Published: 2012-12-19