Christmas cheer in lights

To the Editor:

The Ridgecrest community is beginning to light up with Christmas cheer, as people decorate their houses with holiday lights. Some decorators have created light shows that are synchronized to music of their choice. Several Musical light shows are operating around town for the public’s enjoyment.

Musical Light Shows: East Franklin Avenue (Musical - 97.9 FM) Multi Color Mega Tree, Mega Star, Flood Lights; Ginger Avenue (Musical — 97.9 FM) Singing Santa, 13-Key Keyboard, RGB Flood Lights, Strobe Lights; West Vicki Avenue (Musical — Speakers) Multicolor Dripping Icicles; Bataan Avenue (Musical — 107.9 FM) Leaping Arch, Gingerbread House Lighting; West Vulcan Avenue (Musical — 98.1 FM) Multicolor Flood Lights, Dripping Icicles; Yorktown (Musical — 97.9 FM) Multicolor Trees, Leaping Arches, Mega Star; Farragut Street (Musical — 97.9 FM) Leaping Arches, RGB Flood Lights, Strobe Lights, Mega Star.

Things to remember when watching a Musical Light Show: 1. Stay in your vehicle and dim your lights. 2. Do not block driveways or traffic. 3. Keep radio volume at a reasonable level.

Edward Czajka

Story First Published: 2012-12-19