Concerned about College Heights Blvd.

To the Editor:

College Heights Boulevard has been significantly improved by recent road work. However, there is a concern that some folks who ride bicycles up the hill may seriously feel.

The well-marked bicycle margin is narrower for an extended distance between Franklin and Salt River streets. That area has an asphalt curb to help channel runoff but it deviates from the concrete curbing. Remembering that two bicyclists were killed by inattentive drivers in years past creates a concern for the well-being of current riders.

I spoke to the city engineer, who indicated that the budget did not allow for needed ground support work in the segment not improved by developers who probably would be expected to deal with this issue.

It would seem appropriate to alert cyclists to this segment and invite them to switch to the bicycle lane on the east side of the road or possibly move to the compacted dirt area that backs up the new asphalt curb. It would be a tragedy if we lost another cyclist because of the reduced margin of error for drivers.

Carol Pearson

Story First Published: 2012-12-12