Dunn shares personal values

To the Editor:

Mr. Fallgatter’s response to my recent letter indicated a few items worthy of rebuttal. First of all, please enlighten me as to where comments in regard to whales and Christianity bumper stickers have anything to do with my letter.

I am now glad that President Obama has to deal with this mess. It basically started with President Johnson’s program, the” Great Society” (in my humble opinion) and grew into the disaster it is today.

In regard to patriotism, I treasure our veterans. Friends who really know me have already come to my defense.

Your father would come to my defense if he were with us. He was a true patriot, and I admired and looked up to him. I do admit to being a “right-wing” antagonist and will continue so until my last breath.

I put my life on the line for 20 years to defend America from any and all threats. By the way, I cared little concerning which party was in charge. Military people just do their job.

I stand by my comment that many members of today’s society do not have the will to put their life in jeopardy for a cause. I did not mean “all.” I apologize for that.

In regard to the Second Amendment, liberals have used every imaginable tool to take away our guns. They never give up.

I am positive that this president is chomping at the bit to put the Supreme Court in total liberal control. With that power, he may attempt to make our Constitution a fluid document that will not be worth the parchment paper it is written on.

In closing, I must thank you for respectfully spelling my name correctly, and not being vitriolic in regard to your comments. Politeness is almost as effective as political correctness.

Tom Dunn

Story First Published: 2012-11-28