McCarthy lauds passage of spaceflight bill

Washington D.C. – On Tuesday, Nov. 13, Rep. Kevin McCarthy hailed the passage of legislation (H.R. 6586) that will help ensure the continued development of the American commercial space-flight industry.

“I commend the House’s swift action to extend commonsense space liability provisions for entrepreneurs engaging in commercial space launch activities that will ensure continued robust innovation in the commercial space sector,” said McCarthy.

“Our area is a leader in the commercial space industry in California and the country, which is why I was pleased to co-author this important bill with Space and Aeronautics Chairman Steven Palazzo and bring this legislation to the floor for a vote.

This legislation will help innovative commercial space companies — like those located right here in Eastern Kern and the Antelope Valley — prosper and create new American jobs that will keep our country on the cutting edge of space travel.”

Industry leaders agree that this action will lead to further innovation, technological advancement and job creation.

“The House of Representatives took an important step today to protect a core American industry that provides high-tech jobs across the country,” said Stuart Witt, chief executive officer and general manager of the Mojave Air and Space Port and chairman of the Commercial Spaceflight Federa-tion.

“This extension of a provision expiring at the end of the year will allow American space launch companies to compete on the world market and ensure that we maintain the robust launch industry necessary for national security and economic growth.”

“Virgin Galactic thanks Con-gressman McCarthy and the co-sponsors of this bill for their efforts to strengthen U.S. competitiveness in the worldwide launch market, and support the growing American commercial space industry,” said George Whitesides, president and chief executive officer of Virgin Galactic.

Story First Published: 2012-11-21