Salvation Army needs donations

The Salvation Army in Ridgecrest is hoping to feed nearly 2,000 people this Thanksgiving, and is calling for donations to fill up its freezers with turkey. Every year the Salvation Army provides food and meals to people in need in Ridgecrest and surrounding areas with the help of community donations.

“The number of people requesting assistance has increased since last year — many are still left without jobs, struggling to make it through the holidays. We want to be able to provide for them,” said Salvation Army Envoy Donna Griffin. “We want to say we are ready to step in, but our freezers are not — there is no other way to say it but we need your help, and your donation counts.”

The Salvation Army in Ridgecrest will distribute food to individuals and families in need on Nov. 19 and 20.

Turkey or cash donations are now accepted at the Salvation Army Ridgecrest, 151 N. Downs St.

To make sure no one goes hungry this Thanksgiving, call 760-375-7219 or visit www.Salvation

“The last thing we want is to say no to someone who knocks and asks for help,” said Envoy Charles Griffin.

“We want to welcome everyone and simply be able to light up their tables with turkeys this Thanksgiving.”

Story First Published: 2012-11-14