Lauds News Review’s vigilance

To the Editor:

I read with enthusiasm Rebecca Neipp’s articles about the convoluted “trash saga” and felt like I had never understood the issue so well before. Her gift for digging deeply into these complex stories and presenting the important facts clearly is a blessing for our community. I offer my sincere appreciation to her and to the News Review team that somehow manages to keep the fire of quality journalism burning while it otherwise dies out all around us.

May I suggest a direction for Mrs. Neipp’s extraordinary talents: County supervisors and top officials were clearly complicit in — and may have outright been bribed by — the organized criminal operation that was (and probably still is) Benz Sanitation. Notice that outgoing Supervisor Jon McQuiston, former Kern County District Attorney Ed Jagels and a host of apparently crooked politicians and officials all backed Roy Ashburn for 1st District Supervisor. Roy is a known crook and traitor, having taken a job on the Unemployment Insurance Appeals Review Board in exchange for selling out his contituents to the Democrats in the legislature as he was terming out. Is it a coincidence that one crook running for office was garnering such enthusiastic support from a host of other crooks, who all seem to have been in kahoots to protect the Benz criminal operation?

Before you call the libel attorneys to sue me, relax. It’s just a question. But one that the corrupt in this county had better take notice of. Remember: Rebecca Neipp and the News Review are watching you, and with their help the voters are too.

Adam L. R. Summers

PS: If you find this letter to be too accurate for publication, please feel free to redact it. There are no Freedom of Information Act provisions to consider in this case. And even when there are, they’re usually ignored.

Story First Published: 2012-11-14