Analyzes election results

To the Editor:

I promised you my post-election reactions, so here goes. On a national level, I’m dismayed. On a state level, I’m depressed. And on a valley level, I’m flabbergasted. I should have expected it. Perhaps the earth has just spun through some dark cosmic vortex with my name on it. Whatever. God surely has an inscrutable sense of humor. “Voters,” to paraphrase a song from Mary Poppins, “Though we adore them individually, we agree that as a group they’re rather stupid.”

At a national level we voted with the Democrats. Which means we voted to raise taxes, further diminish our personal freedom and dismantle the best healthcare system in the world. At a state level we voted to raise taxes even more, keep the smokefilled rooms and have no say as union paycheck deductions buy ever more graft and corruption. We voted to allow two-time losers one more free shot (but now it’s got to be a head shot!) and voted to be kept blissfully in the dark about what’s really in our food.

And speaking of Proposition 37 — it demanded truth in packaging so we could see if the food we are about to buy has Roundup DNA genetically spliced into it. This was the unkindest cut of all. Listen. Monsanto and Dow Chemical and Bayer and BASF and other like-minded multinational corporations needed to defeat Proposition 37 and spent many millions of dollars to do so. Here’s the rest of the story: Bayer and BASF are subsidiaries of a German Conglomerate named I.G. Farben. During World War II, I.G. Farben produced a colorless, odorless gas called Zyklon-B which was used to tragic effect on Jews in the German death camps.

I.G. Farben still exists today but now it owns Bayer and BASF and AGFA other pharmaceuticals. It’s more than just a shell company that exists solely to pay reparations. Read the book, “The Crime and Punishment of I.G. Farben.” It helped pay for all those ads that threatened California’s agricultural industry with lawyers and lawsuits if Proposition 37 passed. Those ads scared you into voting against Proposition 37, guaranteeing us genetically manipulated organisms in our food but no “GMO” on the label. And there’s a kicker beyond that! Germany, the host nation of I.G. Farben, does not allow any GMO food whatsoever in the country since April 14, 2009. A smart bunch, those Germans. A naive bunch, we Californians.

I was relieved to see that Mick Gleason was voted-in as the 1st District Supervisor over Roy Ashburn. This gives me hope that the electorate periodically makes sound ,informed judgements amid the apparent cerebral chaos of local voting paradigms. Oh, and a tidbit of local news I’ll toss in here: Mick Gleason’s son will soon be the new managing pro at the China Lake golf course. Cool, huh? There’s a sort-of poetic symmetry in play there.

OK. If your last name starts with a “C” you were apparently a shoo-in for water board. Go figure! It is reassuring, though. to have Don Jo McKernan once again on board if even for a short term. The water board needs to be reminded at the beginning of every single meeting that we are in longterm overdraft and the careful stewardship of our precious aquifer is the board’s primary responsibility. Never ever forget that!

Eileen Shibley should have been voted onto the Airport District Board. Sadly, she wasn’t. I’m convinced that this board is a sort of a test coupon for those political scientists who evaluate all the rest of your votes each election. Long ago the wonderful cartoonist Gary Larson did a Far Side cartoon of some corner-cutting moron who just stepped out of the restroom without washing his hands. A loud alarm is seen going off just above the door to alert everyone outside that this poor wretch didn’t wash his hands. Awkward! I think the Airport District Board is the restroom alarm in this metaphor.

Since Eileen Shibley did not get voted onto the Airport District Board, as I’m sure God and Nature intended, most of you voters obviously did not know what the heck you were doing. And dammit now we all know it! This was a lead-pipe, neck or nothing, spit in your palms, gimmie five chinch! Look, you oblivious nitwits (and you all know just who you are)! You didn’t cast an informed vote here. It was near the end of the ballot and you were in a hurry, and you just colored-in three convenient circles without discernment or discrimination. You weren’t actually voting! You were having a brain fart and then, dammit, not washing your hands! Quod Erat Demonstrantum!

Skip Gorman

Story First Published: 2012-11-14