Begs to differ with Mr. Dunn

To the Editor:

I had the strangest vision while reading Mr. T. Diumm’s (my nom de plume for him since I think he is trying hard to be a fiction writer) latest delusional work of prophecy (Daily Independent, 11/9).

I found myself sitting, while high, in a cuckoo’s nest. Below a wild-eyed Chicken Little, pants on fire, danced madly about pointing up at a beautiful autumn sky. Nearby was Pinocchio kneeling beside a sadfaced Humpty Dumpty proclaiming to all that passed that unfortunately, due to his religious beliefs, Humpty could never be put back together again ... and that heaven was out as well.

It also reminded me of the greatest “foggy-minded” bumper sticker of all time, “Nuke the Gay Whales for Jesus.” However, rather than amusing, his words were incendiary so I immediately “smoked” them. When I regained my senses ... I said to myself “No! Mr. T. Diumm is not writing nursery rhymes. These are serious subjects and blithely throwing another fit of disparaging and muddled rubbish about our people and country because he didn’t approve of how the election went shouldn’t stand.”

I did hesitate to comment in fear of encouraging more of same but pillaring so many members of one’s own community deserves outright rebuke rather than silence and risking it being interpreted as acquiescence.

So I write as one of those many “patriots and veterans,” Vietnam in my case, that the bizarre twisted logic of Mr. T. Diumm predicts will soon be “shot like dogs in the street,” presumably by one of the “many Americans that have never found a valid concept in their miserable, self-centered lives worth dying for.” This (un)reasoning begs much beyond a few simple questions. However, space is a constraint.

First: Are the Americans he is really talking about our neighbors here in Ridgecrest? Second: Isn’t it more than slightly illogical that whoever they are will be doing this with the guns that were taken away from them? Third: Unless he is writing from beyond the great divide, it is uncourageous that Mr. T.Diumm chides that “many Americans have never found a valid concept ... worth dying for” while obviously being too picky himself!

I have often wondered over the past couple of years what in the world got into or. more likely, left Mr. T. Diumm along life’s way? What has made him so enduringly cynical, and hateful to the point of being irrational? Finally, I say to him that on the eve of Veteran’s Day and so soon after free national elections — which are of course a preeminent concept that many Americans have actually died for — bashing nearly all of the revered institutions of America and heaping distain on your fellow citizens is a very, very weird and baffling manner of showing love and respect for your country. Wishing to close constructively, I agree that Mr. T. Diumm certainly has a knack for creating images and emotion through words. In the future I sincerely suggest Ridge Writers or Hollywood; however, Reality T.V. is definitely a nonstarter.

Jim Fallgatter

Story First Published: 2012-11-14