Takers outnumber givers

To the Editor:

I am fairly sure that there may not be a conservative in the late, great, United States that will win the presidency again in my lifetime. The “takers” far outnumber the “givers,” and they poured out by the millions to protect their position at the various public feeding troughs.

Many families deserve government assistance, but a large number are composed of second- and third-generation families who cannot even be asked to do a modicum of public service due to the ACLU. Decent citizens are robbed of their self respect.

Being age 74, I have “been around the block,” and it is 100 percent factual that our learning institutions being force feeding liberal concepts to innocent children as early as kindergarten.

Once people are given anything “free” for a period of time, they immediately become addicts, and, as you know, breaking an addict of any habit is unusually a useless endeavor. On the other hand, the “giver,” or “dealer,” has the addict in the palm of his hand, especially at the voting booth.

I definitely would not approve of sending your son or daughter into the military. The horrible mess where three SEALs and an ambassador were murdered could have been prevented. They asked for help. You now see what they got! I served under several Democratic administrations, all of which I respected. That is over for me. I am through fighting the rising tide of socialism. Let the wound fester.

Moral ethics are the enemy of socialism. For 20 years,I have written more than 300 letters to the editor in four states, and I am worn out. I am just a little candle in the darkness, but I will hang on to my God, Guts and Guns. That is until the Constitution is mutilated and the Supreme Court is castrated. That will put the final nails in our coffin. Many of you out there in the ozone layer are too naïve to see the writing on the wall. You invalid agenda is the catalyst for the coming events. I will soon wear the shackles. Your turn will come.

When Mr. Obama shouted out “revenge,” he meant what he said.

Tom Dunn

Story First Published: 2012-11-14