Museum FUN-draiser

Photo by Laura Austin

Museum FUN-draiserHaving a great time at the Maturango Museum’s money-raising auction Saturday are (front from left) George Bertrand, Milt and Jane Burford and Thom Boggs. Auctioneer Wallace Martin (gesticulating behind the Burfords) incites the crowd not to let Burford spend all the money given that he was already a major donor. Top moneymaker for the evening was an eight-foot metal shaman crafted and donated by Burford, which Martin finally gaveled down at $2,000 after a spirited bidding race between Jim Gregory and his wife Lois and last year’s shaman purchaser Sherry Brubaker. The evening left the crowd raving about the food catered by the Espresso Café, the good company of museum supporters, the outstanding items offered and most of all Martin’s auctioneering, which extracted major amounts of cash from people’s pockets and left them laughing in the process. The bottom line is not yet available, but museum officials say it exceeded the amount earned last year. All proceeds go to benefit the operating fund for the nonprofit organization.

Story First Published: 2012-11-07