Ridge Writers to learn of benefits writers get from social media

Writer Doug Fortier will present the next Ridge Writers program, “Social Media For Selling Books,” on Wednesday, Nov. 7, beginning at 6:30 p.m.

He’ll talk about using social media to create a platform for selling books and giving publishers proof of marketability. The meeting takes place at High Desert Haven.

Fortier writes quirky short stories for his own amusement, although he has won two awards for short fiction at the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference. He has stories about a 50-year high school reunion, a nine-year-old boy helping a homeless woman and her 120-year-old tortoise, an astro-archaeologist that inhabits the body of a jaguar, a 13-year-old boy sent away for arsons he did not commit and a man who receives nano-tech brain cell replacements.

In the ’60s, computers provided Fortier his first taste of creative expression. He actively explored new computer languages and hardware technology while working in small companies.

For five years after his 1997 retirement, he developed painting skills and studied visual arts at Mendocino Community College.

He has been writing since 2006, helped charter the Mendocino Coast Branch of the California Writers Club, and is its current president, webmaster and newsletter editor. To learn more, visit www.dougfortier.com.

High Desert Haven is located at 1240 College Heights Blvd. As you head up the hill from the China Lake Boulevard intersection, watch for where the merge arrows run out. At that point you will see a High Desert Haven sign to the left. Turn into the parking lot.

The public is welcome and admission is free.

Story First Published: 2012-10-31