Taylor would call for accountability

To the Editor:

I am writing to ask voters to support Jerry Taylor for the position of mayor in the upcoming election. I have heard criticism of Jerry for demanding accountability from city of Ridgecrest leaders. I for one appreciate the fact that Jerry expects his fellow councilmembers as well as city staff to keep the community’s best interest first and foremost.

This city has seen more controversy in the last two years than I remember in the 49 years I have lived here. Some issues are beyond the control of our leaders, revenue losses and mandatory recycling to mention just a couple.

How the issues are dealt with is what I am interested in. I want to see fiscal responsibility and longterm planning that will get us back on the right track. Many times this will not be the popular choice, and strong discussion is to be expected. Jerry isn’t afraid to speak up or take a stand against spending that benefit a special-interest group rather than the good of the whole city.

Jerry is especially interested in moving ahead with a plan for our aging infrastructure, streets and sewers. He wants to spend the Measure L money in the manner the voters expect. We have put our faith in the council to do what we were promised, and Jerry is someone I trust to do just that.

To Jerry’s credit and on a personal note, the wonderful banners we have honoring our local men and women in the military became a reality through his efforts. The Ridgecrest Military Banner Program is a wonderful addition to our community. Please vote for Jerry Taylor for Mayor on Nov. 6.

I think a great choice for a four-year council seat would be Jim Sanders another person with strong moral standards and wanting what is in the best interest of Ridgecrest.

Carol Porter

Story First Published: 2012-10-31