Challenges DI on criticism of Taylor

To the Editor:

I’d like to take this opportunity to refute and put a balance to some of the comments that have been made unfairly, I think, about mayoral candidate Jerry Taylor. A Daily Independent editorial clamed Taylor was too much of a “micromanager.” I have never observed this tendency in Mr. Taylor, unless you believe that constitutes follow-through to see that what was agreed to by the council was done. Or is making sure that appropriations and donations to the city are spent in accordance with the wishes of the council or the people donating is “micro-managing”?

I believe that too many things that are agreed to and funded on this council are turned over to the directors of the city departments without the supervision and follow-up to determine if the spirit of the agreement and the funding sources are used as directed.

Checking on these items, and not just accepting a final completion or financial report, is called leadership. Leadership means more than just passing certain agenda items, which have only been published one hour earlier, and then moving on to the next. It requires checking, study to determine if what was intended is what is done.

If you want to include Mr. Taylor’s failure to roll over to the desires of the mayor or other councilmembers without a concerted effort to determine the legality and legitimacy of a proposal or if it is indeed in the interest of the people of this city as “micromanaging,” then you are correct. I don’t. I consider those policies and interventions to be a sacred duty of the mayor and every member of the council. I consider these traits described by the Daily Independent as “micromanagement” as an attempt to provide the transparency in city government that the citizens of Ridgecrest keep asking for.

Here is a man, devoted to this community and the success of the businesses here and a better way of life for its citizens. Here we have a man of proven integrity. Here we have a man who deserves your vote to lead the city into the future.

George T. “Andy” Anderson, CMC USN (Ret.)

Story First Published: 2012-10-31