Cortichiato says we need Mick

To the Editor:

Elections are important. As voters, we all should research the candidates and the issues that are facing us on Election Day. For me, there is only one clear-cut candidate for the County Supervisor, 1st District, race. I would like to encourage all Ridgecrest and District 1 citizens to vote for Mick Gleason for county supervisor. We need his honesty, integrity and work ethic to represent us.

I keep hearing that we need an experienced politician in the position of county supervisor. No, we need a man that we can trust; and that man is Mick Gleason. He is intelligent and both his Navy and civilian work experience (and the “politics” that go on in those arenas) have more than prepared him to deal with the issues facing our Board of Supervisors. Plus, with the support of Shannon Grove, Jean Fuller and Kevin McCarthy, I am confident that Mick Gleason will be more than able to navigate the halls of Sacramento and Washington when necessary.

Supporters of candidate Roy Ashburn claim you should not vote for Mick Gleason because there is a strong political machine behind Gleason. Research shows that both candidates have hired consultants to help manage and run their campaign. This is not new or novel; it is commonplace for a candidate to do that. I don’t think that Mick Gleason is controlled by anyone else. I believe that he is his own man and a man we can trust. He will vote on items that best represent the interests of the people of Ridgecrest and of District 1.

We need to consider facts and how those facts hint at a candidate’s values and personal character. I believe that the Kern County Elections website tells a very compelling story of why a Ridgecrest voter would feel that Mick Gleason is best in tune with our needs. In July-August of this year, both candidates received $500 donations from Benz Propane.

Roy Ashburn kept the donation but Mick Gleason returned the money to Benz. Keeping in mind Ridgecrest’s recent history with Benz, how could any candidate (“experienced” or “novice”) accept a donation from Benz and then tell Ridgecrest “I will represent you”? It doesn’t take political experience to know what is good for Ridgecrest or to represent the feelings and interest of the people of Ridgecrest.

Personally, I want a representative who will do the right thing — just like Mick Gleason did with the Benz donation.

The type of government and the representation that we get are truly in our hands. Please exercise your right to vote on Nov. 6 and do what is best for Ridgecrest and District 1.

Vote for the candidate who truly understands Ridgecrest and represents our interests. Please join me in voting for Mick Gleason for County Supervisor, District 1.

Don Cortichiato

Story First Published: 2012-10-31