Vote Jim Sanders for council

To the Editor:

Voters, please support Jim Sanders for City Council in the upcoming election.

As a fellow planning commissioner, Mr. Sanders has developed a good understanding and solid framework of principles to apply to local government. He would infuse new blood, new ideas and a voice of reason into the council. Mr. Sanders is not burdened by past deals. Consistent with Ridgecrest’s new term-limit initiative, this would be the first term of elected office for Mr. Sanders.

Mr. Sanders is very responsible as a planning commissioner; he prepares for the meetings, and attacks issues using fair and sound principles. He is a member of the Infrastructure Committee and has been strong voice for maintaining and improving streets, bike paths and the wastewater system.

He is also a member of the Community Development Committee, where he has been supportive of updating the Municipal Code to eliminate outdated and ambiguous development policies.

Vote Jim Sanders for City Council on Nov. 6!

Craig Porter

Story First Published: 2012-10-31