Former BHS soccer coach rearrested, out on $375K bail

Kenneth C. Curnow

Christopher Marshall posted a $375,000 bail and is out of jail as he prepares for upcoming court dates related to the eight felonies of which he has been accused.

Marshall was originally arrested in July but the district attorney declined to prosecute the charges, insisting that certain parts of the case “needed to be clarified,” according to Head of Investigations Sgt. Justin Dampier with the Ridgecrest Police Department. “They were clarified. We sent the case back.”

The DA was satisfied with the cogency of the newly investigated case and decided to prosecute. The RPD was able to use a Ramey Warrant to bring Marshall back into custody Sept. 18.

Dampier said additional witness testimony was part of what allowed the re-arrest but was unable to comment further because of the sensitive nature of the case, the fact that it has yet to be fully prosecuted, the ages of the victims involved and the need to keep their information private.

A total of eight felonies are alleged in this case including several counts of unlawful sexual intercourse, oral copulation with a minor, sodomy with a minor, contact with a minor with the intent to commit sexual offense and sexual penetration with a foreign object with a minor.

Marshall’s most recent court appearance was a pre-preliminary hearing held Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. in Ridgecrest.

Story First Published: 2012-10-14