Benz states innocence

The following is a copy of the statement Paul Benz Sr. made the day he plead guilty to a felony charge of falsifying county reports

Today is the day that I’ve had to make the difficult decision to give up fighting an unwinnable battle. Recent events and circumstances have threatened to destroy and defame my family, my loyal employees and me. Enough is enough! This battle ends now.

For the last few years, I have been forced into multiple civil lawsuits to protect my rights and those of my company against certain local governmental jurisdictions which have sought to put me out of business. These lawsuits ultimately subjected us to a six-month criminal investigation by my opponents of that civil litigation. In conjunction with other powerful forces against me, they have made me realize that facing an adversary with unlimited resources and operatives is a battle I cannot win.

I was hopeful that the judicial system would uncover the ruse of this criminal investigation and see it for what it was, a pressure point manufactured for the sole purpose of gaining leverage. The negative publicity alone has done nothing but hurt those around me. For that I am truly regretful. While these facts are obvious to anyone who knows the case details, the judicial system has failed to intervene in preventing the abuse of power which has transpired. I am disappointed deeper than I ever thought was possible.

I have lawfully conducted business for more than 40 years. Unfortunately during that time, like every business has, I have had my share of competitors, disgruntled employees and regretfully some enemies as well. It would seem that anyone with an axe to grind has been allowed to take a free shot at myself and those close to me. By no means do I consider myself perfect, but I have honestly tried to conduct my life with honor and truthfulness.

I am extremely excited about being able to continue my efforts to support the local community and many nonprofit organizations, which I have always and will always continue to support. However, for the health of my wife, my entire family and those who have been unfairly accused of wrongdoing in this situation, I have decided to forgo this fight, although it is against my nature of standing up for what I believe. I look forward to moving on with my life absent of the turmoil these last few years have brought.

Paul Benz Sr.

Story First Published: 2012-10-10