Candidate proposes school plan

To the Editor:

Jenkins five point local school enhancement plan:

1. Secede from Kern County to Inyo County – that would give an extra $2,000 a year for each student. That translates to millions of dollars more each year infused in to our local educational system: approximately $10,000,000 a year extra.

2. Create a private foundation which would raise funds both locally and nationwide from individuals, small businesses, and large corporations as well as offering 100 percent scholarships.

3. Partner with the college and bring in students who would obtain college credits in exchange for assisting teachers and tutoring students.

4. Hire more teachers, reduce the classroom sizes. That would equal more personal attention for each student.

5. Through the Sierra Boys and Girls Club offer after school programs sponsored by the local churches – a much needed moral touch I think, especially when one considers Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary’s definition of school: “an institution for teaching children.”

Randy Jenkins

Story First Published: 2012-10-10