Supports Cortichiato for water district

To the Editor

In the upcoming IWV Water District Director election, there are seven candidates vying for the three four-year terms. There are none more qualified in terms of experience or ability than Don Cortichiato. I have known Don as a friend and co-worker for more than 38 years.

His commitment to the IWV and its future has been obvious while he has raised his family here and been involved in countless local activities. During his last eight years as a water district board member, his skills as a manager and leader have been apparent as the water Ddistrict has responsibly dealt with many crucial issues

Two of Don’s goals have been to encourage water conservation and to prepare for the day when treatment of brackish water will be a requirement in our valley. Given the current usage overdraft of our water table, Don’s foresight will benefit us all years from now when our fresh water has disappeared along with the agricultural users and their profits.

Don has also been a leader within the board in maintaining rates that meet all water district requirements and goals. Don has demonstrated sensitivity to the impact of increases in water rates on our community.

Please join me in supporting Don Cortichiatos’s reelection. He has demonstrated the leadership skills necessary to do the right thing for us as water district director.

Roy Parris

Story First Published: 2012-10-10