City seeks input on downtown area

An action plan and branding effort are under way for downtown Ridgecrest.

The city of Ridgecrest needs help from everyone interested in the revitalization of the downtown area to help make it an inviting place for visitors and residents alike, said City Planner Matthew Alexander on Thursday.

To help gather citizen input on the economic development of downtown, the city is using an online town hall website facilitated by MindMixer. To participate please visit

On the website, you can submit new ideas, second ideas you agree with and leave feedback on various topics. Your comments and ideas will help shape the future of downtown Ridgecrest.

The fundamental objective of this planning process is to ensure a program that encourages good design, promotion and community pride in downtown.

The plan for downtown Ridgecrest is intended to guide growth and development and create recommendations for a preferred style of streetscape, signage and landscaping within Ridgecrest’s historic and cultural heartland.

“This will encourage development and improvements that display the community’s vision for downtown,” said Alexander. “It will provide a blueprint for the revitalization of downtown Ridgecrest.”

Everyone is invited to log on and ideas.

Story First Published: 2012-10-03