Did you know?

To the Editor:

While our impenitent president is running his mouth off campaigning in Las Vegas instead of running this nation and Romney is sticking his foot in his mouth wherever he goes much to the delight of the comedians and pollsters, a far more serious and unbelievably inexcusable situation prevails in the United States and perhaps in all free countries.

Consider the following scenarios. Terrorists no long need bombs, they are now taking accolades for setting several of the recent fires in Colorado and California even though in May 2006 the White House and the FBI were notified the United States was at significant risk of pyro-terrorist attacks by unleashing fires in our nation’s forests to achieve the effect of a weapon of mass destruction.

Instead of using expensive, complex and readily detectable nuclear or radiological bombs, a terrorist can easily ignite several massive wildfires to severely damage regional economics, impact military and firefighting forces and terrorize the American people. So, why haven’t the White House and Congress made this information public and why hasn’t the Office of Homeland Security been appointed to investigate the force behind these threats?

Why is it that an American ambassador is dragged through the streets, maimed in full video coverage and then murdered in countries that we give billions of dollars of foreign aid to who blatantly demonstrate their hate for America? Why is it that in response our president apologizes to these same animals for our country’s airing a movie outlining Muslim practices in enemy foreign countries?

Why is it that while America is so threatened, our president is spending tax dollars to go on the campaign trail when he has the duty and responsibility and salary to run our country from the Oval Office?

If you think Obama has American’s interests at heart and believe his campaign rhetoric then consider that if elected he already has plans in the legislature to tax all Social Security income, not just 85 percent, and that you will no longer be able to deduct all your mortgage interest and that your disposable income will be taxed at an even higher rate than it is now and that he plans to make the sale of your homes all a capital-gains taxable government coffer not just the first $250,000.

All this while we support terrorists and our government doesn’t execute the Constitutional laws this nation was founded on. You and I have a right to know. You and I have the right to demand action. Take it. Your future and your children’s futures depend on it.

Paula J. Leach

Story First Published: 2012-10-03