Urges support of Cortichiato

To the Editor:

As a citizen of Ridgecrest for over 55 years, I have had the privilege of becoming acquainted with and working alongside many distinguished, hardworking and selfless individuals. Many of these people do not just live in our community, they generously “give back” to improve it. We are truly lucky to have such a knowledgeable group of citizens willing to share their expertise and talents to make the Indian Wells Valley a viable and better place to live.

Don Cortichiato, who is seeking re-election to the water board, is such a person. I have known Don for more than 40 years. I worked with him at China Lake and served with him on volunteer boards in the Indian Wells Valley. I can personally attest to his character (honesty and integrity); dedication to the country, community, city, county and church (president, chairman and active member on multiple boards); and interpersonal skills (professional, open communicator, accessible and willing to listen).

Don will seek long-term solutions to supply quality water while keeping a vigilant eye on the financial aspects of decisions. He will take his responsibility seriously, research problems, solicit feedback from constituents and present recommendations for solution to the full board.

During the last eight years, Mr. Cortichiato has served on five committees on the IWV Water District Board of Directors where he applied skills and knowledge gained from 33 years of experience in the public and private sectors. Don knows how to deal with complex issues and make informed decisions in stressful situations. He has the time to devote to this position.

For more detailed information, see Don’s write-ups in our local papers.

Please join me in voting for Don Cortichiato.

Margaret (Margie) Hannon

Story First Published: 2012-10-03