’Axel’ Alvarex

Spotlight on the Candidates: IWV Airport Board of Directors

Rebecca Neipp

News Review Staff Writer

’Axel’ Alvarex“I think what I bring to the table is a life-long passion for aviation,” said Axel Alvarez, an invested pilot at Inyokern Airport. “What I want to do is help people understand what a great resource we have, and to see people use it more.”

The 37-year-old aerospace engineer is seeking one of three seats on the Indian Wells Valley Airport Board of Directors.

Alvarez, the son of two pilots, grew up in an aviation community. He took his first solo flight at age 16, got his pilot’s license at 17, his instrumented license at 18 and his commercial license at 19.

“When I was in sixth grade, I made two promises to my family — I was going to build my own airplane, and I was going to become an aerospace engineer. I accomplished the second one, but I am still trying to fulfill the first.”

But that goal is nearing completion, he said. “I am finishing up the wiring. And the next step will be taking it to the airport for assembly.”

In addition to being a fixture in the local general aviation community, Alvarez is part of a formation team of pilots from all over the southwest U.S. The team recently executed a precision formation at the experimental aircraft community’s Air Venture in Oshkosh, Wisc.

“Flying makes the world a smaller place,” he said. We have people from Northern California, Arizona and Nevada, and we all manage to meet almost every Sunday to practice.”

He said his vision for the IYK is to support progress in a way that does not detract from the current users. “I want to make sure we don’t lose what we have now. I don’t want it to get out of control and grow so quickly that the people who use our airport have to figure out a way around it.”

Alvarez said that he wants to see a cautious approach to endeavors such as the one trying to designate IYK as a UAV test site. “That will bring changes to the way people fly in and out of Inyokern. I just want to make sure we know what changes to expect.”

He said that in addition to his love for flying and the local airport, he also brings to the table other qualities that will be beneficial.

“You have to be able to work with other people and come to an agreement, not on a personal level, but a community level,” he said. “I also know that the current board has been together for a while, and this may be a good opportunity to bring in some fresh perspectives.”

He said he also has an ability to make decisions and a high energy level. “I am always out there looking for something to do, some way to make things better,” he said.

“If I get a chance to do that by being a boardmember, I will. If not, I will still be at the airport, trying to get activities going that will promote the airport as a resource.”

Story First Published: 2012-10-03