’Hangover 3’ brings IYK upgrades, economic boost

Rebecca Neipp

News Review Staff Writer

’Hangover 3’ brings IYK upgrades, economic boostAfter a film crew for the Warner Bros. 2013 offering of “Hangover 3” wrapped at Inyokern Airport last week — a rumor which was only unofficially confirmed at press time —IYK CEO Scott Seymour came forward to acknowledge the project, as well as its positive fiscal impact on the local airport and the region.

Someone apparently leaked news of the project — collaborators in which had signed nondisclosure agreements with Warner Bros. — to the Tehachapi News. The paper reported that although the crews’ “presence and whereabouts were cloaked in a veil of secrecy,” the full hotels and celebrity spottings were an unofficial confirmation.

Even the ostensibly public documentation of county filming permits was being held confidential under economic development law, the paper reported.

But News Review reporters learned that on Tuesday of last week, a small faction of the 132-member film crew that has been working in Tehachapi and Mojave for the last few weeks has also had a presence at IYK.

After the crew left, Seymour acknowledged that he had hosted a closed-set shoot all day Tuesday.

In keeping with leaving their environment better off than they found it, Warner Bros. invested in an estimated $35,000 in capital improvements to the World War II-era Kodiak hangar at IWK. “They put in an epoxy floor, did quite a bit of painting and worked on the doors so they open and shut quite a bit better now.”

Personnel had been working at IYK for three weeks leading up to the shoot, he said.

Seymour said he did not know how much money the production company spent in the area, but said that between hotels, restaurants, gas stations and other local businesses visited by the cast and crew, he heard the project generated about $2 million in the region.

“I know they left a trail of disposable income in our communities,” he said.

Seymour acknowledged that while feature films come to the airport only once or twice a decade, commercial and still shoots makes up a great part of the business generated at the local airport.

“When I spoke with the location manager, at the end of the day he seemed pleased with the outcome and looking forward to returning to IYK. This was his first trip, but hopefully, because of the way we treated them, they’ll be coming back.”

Story First Published: 2012-09-26